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  1. EVERYBODY JOIN SO ALL OF OUR VOICES ARE HEARD !!!!!!!............................(**You'll Be Surprised Of WHO Visits This Blog**)

  2. DONE............4life

  3. @ Dimu lol who?you go me curious now ;)

  4. guys, what happen to Magoo?? is he really missing??

  5. Well technically he isn't really missing, but we can't find ANY info on him. We really want to contact him for an interview, but nobody seems to know where Melvin Barcliff is!

  6. Yall can join Goodfella's Ning site also. It's called Rico Nation. He's a pretty koo dude.

  7. I just got on...tryna get bak into the swing of things. Skool is no joke, lol

  8. static was my friend and mentor....

  9. HOLD UP...STOP THE MUSIC...STOP THE MUSIC....I must admit, I haven't been too majorly active on the "ning" site, but i just got on there and saw that 'SHE AIN'T SO BAD' is on there?!?! Man yall shoulda made that announcement LOUD and clear!! I been waitin to hear that song since like...2002...THANK YOU for postin it, first and foremost,, but how'd yall get it?? Who had it?? I need to know the background on how yall got that one, cuz if yall got THAT joint?? man yall could prolly get ANYTHING Static did!!! Props to yall resources!!!


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Rashad Haughton (Aaliyah's Brother) on Static

I recently hit up Rashad Haughton, who is Aaliyah's brother and was very close to her, on Twitter to ask about Static. Here is what he had to say. Full interview to follow??

Music: Static Suppertime Mixtape Vol. 1 (2004) DOWNLOAD LINK

1. Stay Laced (Featuring Lil Flip) (4:14)
2. The Hood (Featuring Lil Flip) (3:41)
3. Rida (Featuring Lil Flip & Cassidy) (2:45)
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8. Tipsy (3:23)

I've heard back in 2005 somebody talk about that "Suppertime Mixtape", but i found it in 2008, & unfortunaly, the mixtape was just available in mp3 format.
Released with no real promotion (but Louisville resident as i know, had this mixtape for a while), i guess lot of us didn't know about it until lately.
This is for the hood lovers, got Lil Flip on it, Young Sears productions, it's OG Music here! We also got Playa songs on it.
I guess Static wanted to give us just a taste of what Suppertime could be, the "Vol. 1" meaned it had to has other volume coming, but for this one like i said, it's OG Music except the last track...

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