Music: Aaliyah - I Refuse

One thing I admired most about Static's songwriting was the fact that he was able to connect with both male and female artists so well. One day he could be writing a song like "Pony", and then the next day he could completely switch up his style and write a deep track like this one. It's still amazing to me how he could write from a female's point of view so well.


POOHBEAR said...

i agree.. he was way more talented than i ever knew..sad had to find out once he's gone

i luv this one!!

Tim "Neeze" Barnett said...

Just a quick fact, Static wrote this song, JDub did the track and Digital Black vocally produced it for Static while we were in L.A. Static had to get home for a family emergency and ask Black to vocally produce Aaliyah that night. So there you have it, another Playa colaboration.

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