Music: Nicole Wray - Raise Your Frown

You may Nicole Wray from back in the day. She had the huge Timbaland produced hit "Make It Hot", and she was also signed to Missy Elliott's label. What you might not have known is that Static wrote three songs for her on her debut album "Make It Hot" (which by the way is still slept on, as is Nicole herself.)

I will probably post the other two songs on here eventually, but I'm going to post my favourite one of the three that Static wrote, and that would be "Raise Your Frown" which was written and produced by Playa and also contains background vocals from them.


Tye said...

I LOVE this song! The whole album is hot, but Playa's vocals on this track just make it one of the best on the album. I just happened to come across this blog, but I'm glad I did. Static never really got the shine he deserved, good to see someone recognizing his talent.

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