Music: Faze - Dance 4 Me (feat. Static Major)

Here is a new Static song for everyone titled "Dance 4 Me". The song is off Faze's latest album "Unfinished Business", which you can pick up on Amazon/iTunes. I'll be completely honest with ya'll when I say I have NO idea who the members of Faze are, but I came across their myspace page and found out that Robert Wright (one of the members of the group) was a good friend of Static's and also his writing partner.

As for the song itself, it's just that feel good music. It kind of reminds me of the material Static did with Pretty Ricky, but of course, without the honking or whatever Pretty Ricky defined as "rapping". (Reader's note: I did enjoy a lot of Pretty Ricky's stuff, lol)

Go check out Faze on Myspace:


Tim "Neeze" Barnett said...

One of the members from Faze (Sweat) is a cousin of Statics wife. That is how we met him. They are an old school group that had put out records a while ago. While Sweat is a good friend of ours, he is not by any means a "writing partner" of Statics. While we sat in Statics studio and they threw ideas back and forth, it was just that. Anyone that truly knows Static would know that he did not like to partner up with anyone to write a song. Shout out to Sweat. Holla at me, you know how to get in contact with me.

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