Music: Playa - Don't Be A Stranger (feat. J-Bird)

Here is one of the many tracks Playa recorded after the release of their "Cheers 2 U" album. The song is produced by Bink!, who did a lot of production for Jay-Z back in the day. The song also features Native, whom I will feature in the future with some other music he did with Static. So look out for that!

As for this track, it's probably one of my favourite Playa songs of all time and it's easy to see why. What I really love about the song is the beat, which was completely different from the sound of Playa we heard on the "Cheers 2 U" album. It's definitely interesting to hear how Playa arranged songs that were out of their "natural" style. Make no mistake about it though, talented writers like Static don't rely only on one producer to make hot hits. They can make hot tracks with ANY producer..

And for the curious people out there,

the song samples Will Hutch's song "Theme of Foxy Brown"

You may also recognize the beat from Young Jeezy's "Don't Do It" and Freeway's "Baby Don't Do It".

Since all three tracks sample the same song, it's quite obvious what I'm going to ask here...

Which track do you like the most?

Edit: According to Tim Barnett, the rapper on this track is actually J-Bird.


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