Music: Brandy - Sirens

After Aaliyah's death, it seemed like the "Superfriends" clique worked less collectively as a group as time passed and started doing their own thing. Ginuwine ventured out and started working with other producers, Missy started writing for other artists like Monica and Tweet, Timbaland focused on his Beat Club label and of course, Playa had their conflicts with not only their label but also conflict within the group.

As everyone drifted apart, we began to notice arguably the best songwriting/production duo in music missing in action. (Static and Timbaland). In fact, Static was nowhere to be found on Timbaland's 2003 album "Under Construction, Part II", after being a huge part of Timbaland's earlier albums. Fortunately for us though, Timbaland and Static did work on a couple of tracks together.

You may already know about this song, but it was a bonus track so some of ya'll may have not heard it before.

This song is a banger! I still have no idea what Brandy's camp/label was thinking leaving this song off CD. The album itself is a modern-day classic in my opinion, but this song should have been on the album, and not just as a bonus track.


AfroJisiac said...

That song moved me when i heard Brandy's vocals over the beat!!

It was released on the French version of her Afrodisiac album !

That joint is such a great track to me ! love it

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